D. Gregory Associates address all aspects of effective research-based teaching, learning, and leadership—such as professional development, educational leadership, and capacity building. D. Gregory and Associates offers multiple broad perspectives in reporting key policies and procedures across all education professions.

  • Motivational/Commencement Speaker
    Dr. Gregory & Associates provides motivational and commencement speaker services...
  • Program Development
    Program Development and Management – Develop programs that address education...
  • Assessments
    Assessments (formative, summative and diagnostic) – Training on how to...
  • Classroom Management
    Classroom Management – Ideas formulated through discussions of contemporary issues...
  • Curriculum Planning
    Curriculum Planning – Work with educational institutions including nonprofit and...

Clients Served

Apollo Middle School (Nashville, TN)
Bellbrook High School (National School of Excellence) – Dayton, OH
Chicago Public Schools
City of Dayton, OH
Dayton Public Schools (OH)
Dayton Technology and Design Academy
Deer Valley School District (Arizona)
District of Columbia Public Schools
Fairborn High School
Lee County School District (South Carolina)
Long Island Public Schools
Los Angeles Afterschool All Stars
New York Public Schools
Springfield Public School (Ohio)
St. Francis Xavier – Illinois

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