Curriculum Planning

Curriculum Planning – Work with educational institutions including nonprofit and for profit organizations to assist with educational planning by examining previous plans and/or standards and providing a diagnostic assessment, conduct a gap analysis to determine additional services and activities that should be included in the curriculum, identify measurable outcomes and evaluation tools.  Curriculum planning is provided in four (4) phases: awareness, skill development, implementation and follow-up.

Awareness – Includes a diagnostic that examines where organizations are currently in relationship to their targeted goals.

Skill Development – Professional development and training in the areas where the diagnostic assessment and gap analysis identified weakness or services and activities that should be considered to enhance the learning environment.

Implementation – Develop an action plan, measurable outcomes, milestones and evaluation tools that move the participants from the theoretical framework to implementing as practitioners.

Follow up – A series of sessions with staff to assess how well the organization is implementing the action plan, utilizing tools learned in the skill development phase and to answer in questions staff may have after implementation.